It’s that time of year again when you need to get started on your Christmas shopping, so what are you going to buy for the ladies in your life? Luckily, whether it’s your daughter, partner, friend, or colleague, there’s something that will make a great gift for every type of woman out there. By paying attention to their personality type, you’ll be able to put more thought into what they would love to receive as a present.

The workaholic

If you know a workaholic, this holiday season they’ll probably be looking to relax, unwind, and kick back for some much needed rest and restoration. There’s a huge range of relaxation experiences to be enjoyed, from massage packages and spa experiences.

The workaholic in your life probably has problems with switching off and usually needs to learn the art of relaxation. They’ve made stress into a habit and so probably could benefit from getting some help to counter this by making relaxation into a habit.

A relaxing massage experience would make a welcome gift for your favourite workaholics as massages have been shown to reduce stress, muscle tension, and pain. Deep relaxation, calm, lowered muscle tension, and improved circulation are just some of the other benefits of massage.

The gym junkie


Gym junkies are known for staying faithful to a well-honed workout routine at the gym, but Christmas could be the right time to give your favourite gym junkie the chance to try something completely different. With a Spa & Wellness Gift Card, you can give them the gift of a new fitness class and get them to try something new. Encourage them to switch up their gym routine with these awesome workout ideas that are fun and different.

  • Pilates – Pilates can work the whole body and build flexibility, strength, endurance, and control. By focusing on your core, it can help prevent injuries and build muscle while easing back pain. There are many different types of Pilates classes you can take depending on your level of experience. Pilates is suitable for just about anyone, from the young to the elderly.
  • Crossfit – Perhaps a Crossfit class is the perfect gift for your favourite gym junkie this holiday season. There are many reasons why Crossfit has a massive following, including its fat burning power and potential to encourage joint mobility. Devotees swear by it because of its strong community and time efficiency – plus it’s lots of fun!
  • Personal training sessions – Fitness junkies will probably enjoy one-on-one personal training sessions, whichcan help them gain new perspectives on their fitness program, make the most of their workouts, and ensure they’re working out the right way. Having access to an expert workout trainer can mean extra support, motivation, accountability, and variety.

The supermum

If you know a busy mum and want to treat her this Christmas, why not make the gift of a timeout experience in the form of a beauty package? All mums love a great excuse to unwind and indulge. There are many different types of beauty packages she can enjoy, including facials and nail treatments, along with full body and face wraps.

A beauty treatment package gives the busy mum in your life a valuable and fun experience rather than a gift that they might not use. A day at the spa means they get to have some ‘me’ time, an excuse to be lazy, and indulge a little bit – all in one.

The princess


For the glamazons and princesses in your life, look no further than a cosmetic treatment experience. Ladies dedicated to looking good and taking care of themselves will truly appreciate your thoughtful gift of a beauty or skin treatment session.

These types of treatments are usually non-surgical and can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, remove blemishes, smooth out the skin, and give a more youthful look. Your princess could choose to have cosmetic injectables and dermal fillers used on their skin, and these sessions can take as little time as the average lunch hour during a workday. Other treatments include laser treatment to encourage collagen production, facials, peels, and body wraps.

The stress head

The stress head who need an excuse to hand over the reins to someone else for a little while will enjoy a meditation or aromatherapy experience. Type As will probably be pleased to know that meditation can actually enhance their efficiency by enhancing creativity and focus while reducing stress. Meditation can also reduce high blood pressure and anxiety, and reduce tension-related pains while boosting the immune system.

Aromatherapy can also help with limiting anxiety and depression while boosting the immune system and supporting sleep. By using aromatic plant oils through topical application, massage, inhalation, or water immersion, aromatherapy can offer a natural and gentle route to relaxation and well-being.

The perfect gift for the woman in your life

Every woman is different and there’s no single ideal gift for everyone woman. You can give a gift that will be much appreciated and show your love by putting a little thought into their personality type and aligning your gift to their interests and needs. Experiences – whether it’s a fitness class or a special pampering day at the spa – make the best gifts because they offer much more meaning, an opportunity to learn something, or the chance to try in something new.

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