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Mindful living

Top tips to better your mindful practice A calm mind is a useful mind, and practising mindfulness can help you to become a calmer and more productive person. Well-known to boost positivity, improve focus and reduce stress, the practice of mindfulness is a daily habit achievable by anyone. But, what exactly is it, and how …

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Different Ways to Detox

 With the holiday season well and truly over, you may feel in the need of a complete body detox. All the parties, late nights and overindulgent dinners can leave the body feeling sluggish and heavy. While our bodies have natural detoxification pathways, there are many treatments that can support the process and help boost energy …

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New Year New You

It’s a few weeks into January, and with the end of the holiday period comes the refresh, refocus and revisit of personal goals and aspirations for the new year. There’s nothing quite as compelling as the idea of starting the new year with a blank slate- a chance to hit the reset button and start afresh.     It seems a bit silly to … - How to Keep Your Skin Healthy in Winter (4)
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Water, Water and Water…Benefits of Drinking Water

We have all been told that drinking enough water is important, but do you actually know why? Your body is made up of 60% water, and every system in your body is dependent on your water intake levels.  Therefore, it is so important to consume 8 glasses of water a day, so remember to take your water bottle …

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Healthy Winter Morning Habits

We all know how difficult it can be to wake up to the colder weather. It’s so tempting to stay warm and cosy in bed for ‘another 15 mins’, but braving the cold and making the most of your morning can have a positive effect on your day. The little things you do for yourself in the morning can add …

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Detox Weapons to Tackle the Easter Binge

After the holidays, we tend to feel a tad overwhelmed due to the sugar intake. Still, the good news is that there is plenty you can do to get back on track and feel good about yourself – enter the detox remedies!   Detox remedies will help your body in the process of eliminating harmful elements while enhancing your …

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Take Time For Yourself This Long Weekend

After a stressful week and beginning of the year, be sure to take some time for yourself this long weekend and relax.  Whether it is relaxing your mind or your body, stress relief is so important for your mental and physical health. Stress relief boosts productivity, decreases headaches, backpain, anxiety and worry. Be sure to try these tips out so you can …

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Egg-cellent Tips to Staying Healthy this Easter 

With the Easter holidays just around the corner, the temptation to indulge in sweet and wonderful treats is never higher. But you know the old saying ‘everything in moderation’ and there’s never been a better time to put it into action.  Here are a few essential ground rules for staying healthy this Easter break;   1. Stay Active  This is, without a doubt, our best …