After the holidays, we tend to feel a tad overwhelmed due to the sugar intake. Still, the good news is that there is plenty you can do to get back on track and feel good about yourself – enter the detox remedies!  

Detox remedies will help your body in the process of eliminating harmful elements while enhancing your immunity.  

Here are a few to help you recover from the Easter holidays; 

Green Juices  

Juicing has quite a popular reputation nowadays, and this is due to its astounding health benefits. Couple of apples, some celery stalks, a few kale leaves and a touch of ginger is all you need. Many will struggle with green juices to start, but hang in there, it gets better and the health benefits far outweigh the negatives.   

Broccoli and Other Greens 

Ok so Broccoli probably isn’t your favourite food, but this super green has a huge detox upside. Broccoli sprouts are super high in antioxidants that help your body’s digestive tract and improve overall function. For a natural detox this holiday season, don’t go past your everyday Broccoli. 


Ginger is, supposedly, one of the most capable foods, not only due to its astounding detoxifying capabilities but also because it is an immunity booster. Ginger is known for the fact that it treats stomach discomfort and nausea. Last but not least, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, it addresses body aches and pains. So, you should definitely include this ingredient in your meals. 

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