Christmas time for most means holidays, quality time spent with friends and family, summer and relaxation. However there is one member of the family for which Christmas time can be a little stressful – and that is our mums.

Mums are known for multitasking; juggling family members, activities and their jobs all at the same time (good on you Mum!). And as the silly season rolls around, there’s the additional craze of Christmas shopping and family events. Sounds like a lot if you ask us!

So, what is the ultimate gift to say thanks to mum for all she does? Here, we have listed some less common gifts, that will allow mum time to relax, get pampered and have a break from her usual busy routine. Read on to find out how can you become a true ‘Mum-whisperer’ this Christmas and give her the perfect gift that shows her how much you truly appreciate her.

Start writing

You may not be the writing type, but a heartfelt letter could be just what your mum needs this holiday season. It’s a wonderful way to remind her of all the things she does for you during the year and tell her how much you appreciate her. Show her that you care and that you notice her constant support and love. If you really have your creative juices flowing, write her small notes, one for each week of the year! It’ll be a beautiful and emotive present that she’ll get to enjoy and savour well beyond Christmas.

Spa session or gift card


Instead of giving mum a basket of bath and body products, why not treat her to a spa day instead? There are so many treatments and pampering sessions to choose from, and a day of indulgence is the perfect gift to give your mum the chance to truly unwind. Think facials, body wraps, hot stone massages and so much more. From 22nd November until stocks lasts, you can receive a free DVD of new movie ‘Bad Moms’ with a Spa & Wellness Gift Card – guaranteed to make your mum laugh for hours on end!

Cleaning service

How long has your mum been talking about cleaning those spider webs on the house ceiling? Well, now is the perfect time to finally get rid of them! Instead of buying a run-of-the-mill present, offer your mum a whole house clean! If you’re not a huge fan of cleaning yourself, there are plenty of online cleaning services that are super simple to organise. There’s nothing better than ending the silly season with a spotless home.

A weekend away

Allow your mum that well deserved break and organise a weekend away with some of her friends! Too often our mums put the needs of others before themselves, so by presenting her with a trip all ready and payed for, she will have no excuse not to take it! Opt for somewhere quiet and tranquil to allow the ladies somewhere to relax and unwind after the chaos of Christmas. Try to coordinate something with her friends or a loved one prior to Christmas and surprise her with a gift that she will never forget.

Sleep in and breakfast in bed


This one may seem simple, but what is truly better than breakfast in bed? Inform mum that she must sleep in one weekend and that when she finally wakes up, she has the right to call and have breakfast served in bed. Give it that real room service feel by allowing her to choose from different menus, and go to the effort of spoiling her with a delicious, hearty breakfast!  Encourage her to have a lazy day thereafter – that means no cooking, cleaning or other housework!

Coupon book

Handmade presents are a wonderful way to show you’ve put the thought, time and effort into a gift. So why not give mum a handmade coupon book that gets her out of doing all of the jobs she normally does around the house? If mum is the one who normally takes care of the groceries, cooking, laundry and other household tasks – turn them into coupons. With a coupon book up her sleeve, mum can catch a break and easily delegate domestic jobs to whoever she sees fit!

Quality time

Arrange a date night for your mum and yourself to a fancy restaurant that she loves, or allow her to try a new cuisine. If you have younger siblings, think about arranging a babysitter, so your mum doesn’t even have to consider the logistics of the invitation. Not only does it allow her a night off to unwind, but you will also get to spend some quality time together. Get her a Good Food Gift Card to show your commitment to the night out, and let her choose the restaurant she wants to try.

A book and a cafe


If your mum is an avid reader, or even if she enjoys reading but rarely has the time to do so, buy her a book that will be of her interest and then force her to take a morning off to go to a quiet cafe so she can enjoy her present, reading hours on end with a cup of coffee. Make sure she leaves her mobile at home, so nothing can distract her. Also, don’t forget to write a little note in the front of the book that she’ll remember.

Don’t let her cook

If your mum is normally the one who does the cooking in your household, why not take over the culinary duties for a week and give her some time off? Not only will this allow mum a break from the kitchen, but you can put your skills to the test and try experimenting with different recipes yourself.

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Laurie Iacuone

Laurie Iacuone

As a busy mum of two and National Partners Manager of Spa & Wellness Gift Card, Laurie knows just how important it is to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle and find some “me time” amongst it all. Laurie lives by her daily pre-work ritual of visiting Kaya Health Club Prahran for a Pilates Reformer class, which ensures a great start to a productive day. Her other favourite ways to relax and test out some of our partners include massages, facials, pedicures, hot baths, reading a book in the sun, dining out and spending time with family.