- 9 Beauty Treatments to Have Before You Say I Do - 9 Beauty Treatments to Have Before You Say I Do

Every bride aims to look her absolute best on her wedding day. Navigating through all the different beauty treatments available and knowing when to do what can be overwhelming, so we’ve compiled the top beauty preparation ideas to help you prioritise some time for yourself and get ready for the big day.

1. Create a workout plan

Around nine months before the big day, it’s time to start thinking about a workout plan. Once you’ve picked out your wedding dress and had it perfectly fitted, you’ll want to avoid the need for last minute alterations due to weight fluctuations. The type of exercise you choose is entirely up to you and will typically depend on how active you usually are, and how much time you have.

A great idea is to join a workout class such as yoga or pilates. The routine of a regular class means you’ll continue to commit even when you’re feeling less motivated. You could even gather together your bridesmaids to workout with you for a little extra motivation.

2. Laser hair removal

Around the same time as you create your exercise plan, you might want to think about removing any unwanted hair. Laser hair removal is a great option for smooth underarms and can remove any unwanted facial hair above the lip and on the chin. Get in early, as laser hair removal takes time, with each treatment spaced around five or six weeks apart. Most skin and laser clinics offer treatment packages so you may be able to combine a few different treatments at a reduced price.

3. Skin care

A bit closer to the big day (6 months prior) it’s time to start preparing your skin. Flawless, smooth skin is something every bride dreams of for her wedding day. To ensure your skin is healthy and glowing, consider booking an appointment with a dermatologist to create a customised daily skin care routine perfect for your skin. This is particularly helpful if you have specific skin concerns like breakouts, dry skin and blemishes. The earlier you get started, the better results you’ll achieve.

Beyond your at home daily skincare routine, it’s a good idea to also book a few facial appointments in the lead up to the wedding (we recommend one per month, or every six weeks). This could include treatments like deep cleansing and exfoliating facials.

A good skincare routine alone may not be as effective if you’re not also hydrating your body properly. Aim to drink around eight glasses of water each day. Drinking water hydrates your skin by eliminating toxins and replenishing the skin tissue, increasing its elasticity.

4. Wedding hair and makeup trials - 9 Beauty Treatments to Have Before You Say I Do (2)

The last thing you want on your wedding day is hair and makeup that doesn’t suit you. Hiring a glamour team a few months out and trialling different styles gives you plenty of time to perfect the look you want on your big day. It also means that you can ensure they’re available on the date you need them.

Wait til you’ve chosen your dress to start trials, as the neckline will influence your choice of hairdo, and the style of the dress with impact the overall appearance you’re going for.

5. Teeth whitening

As the wedding date gets closer (around one month out), you can begin focusing on more minor touch ups like teeth whitening. If you’re worried about discolouration and stains on your teeth or you want a bright smile on your big day, teeth whitening is a simple procedure with long lasting effects.

6. Spray tan

Last minute spray tanning the night before your wedding should be avoided as you don’t want to run the risk of having orange smudges on your beautiful white dress. Schedule an appointment at least 24 hours before the big day. Having a professional apply the tan, rather than attempting it at home, means you also avoid having streaky marks and uneven patches.

7. Manicure & pedicure

The day before the wedding is the best time to get a fresh mani and pedi (you don’t want to get it done too early that it’ll chip). There are so many different choices of nail colour and shape, so do some research beforehand.

8. Massage - 9 Beauty Treatments to Have Before You Say I Do (3)

When the big day finally comes around, it’s time to forget all the stress of planning the wedding and relax and enjoy the day with a massage. Massages are perfect for relieving muscle tension and can also help reduce stress and allow you to sleep better, so consider getting one the day or even the evening before.

9. Treatments to avoid

Many brides choose to have lip fillers to plump up their lips for the big day. If you haven’t had lip fillers before, this is a treatment to avoid as you run the risk of side effects, such as swelling and bruising. Similarly, botox takes four to five days to kick in, and if you haven’t had this treatment before, there’s the risk it won’t turn out how you wanted. Finally, microdermabrasion can cause redness, breakouts and sensitivity, so it’s recommended to do a test run at least six months out.

Know a bride who deserves a little pampering?

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