Cold weather can play havoc on your skin, which is why you shouldn’t neglect to look after it heading into the cooler months 

So with winter not too far away, here are some of the best hydrating mask for winter 2019. 

A Sheet Mask Infused With Collagen & Elastin 

This is a Korean sheet mask that is infused with elastin, and hydrolzed collagen that works to keep your skin looking radiant and youthful. 

This is a 10-15 minute treatment that when removed, leaves a soft glaze of essence on the surface of your skin that you gentle pat in. A must try this winter! 

A Cocoa Butter & Ceramide Mask That Provides Two Levels Of Hydration 

This dry skin mask tackles two skin levels to provide ultimate hydrationglycerin, cocoa butter, and emollients provide deeper levels of moisture, while essential lips, ceramides, and cholesterol help smooth and strengthen the surface of the skin.  

Add a dose of Vitamins C and E and you’ve got the perfect dry skin mask, perfect to see you through the cold winter months. 

A Botanical Non-Hardening Mask 

If you have both dry or sensitive skin, then this wash-off mask, which contains soothing balsam peru, is designed to curb inflammation caused by the cold winter winds. 

The formula will stay creamy and won’t harden on your skin (hurray for that) and will even aid in reducing redness that can result from dry skin and blemishes that we all suffer from on the winter months. 

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