- What to Buy a Mum for Her First Mother's Day

A mum’s first Mother’s Day is one that she will never forget. After a year with a newborn, and learning how to handle all things sleeping, teething and feeding, make sure that the mum in your life has a special day that celebrates the amazing mum she is.

When planning gifts it can be hard to think outside the box. This list is full of experiences and items that will make her first Mother’s Day unforgettable.

1. A night off from mum duties

Call in reinforcements – grandparents, aunties, friends and babysitters – mum deserves a break! After months of focusing on the newest addition to the family, it’s time to pay mum some special attention and pull out all the stops for a fun evening on the town. Whether you’re taking her out for dinner, a movie, a concert or show, knowing that her little one is being cared for means that she can let her hair down – or just get some rest! Our pick to let her know of your promise to take her out is with a Dinner and Movie gift card bundle.

2. Everybody loves flowers

Flowers are a simple way to brighten someone’s day. Either pick a special bouquet filled with her favourite flowers or try something a little more unique. For example, a houseplant or hanging basket can be a more long-lasting, meaningful gift so that she can remember her first Mother’s Day for the months and even years to come. Planting a flowering tree is also a wonderful idea – it could even symbolise your little one growing up.

3. A wardrobe makeover

Let’s face it, after months of caring for a messy baby, her pre-pregnancy clothes have probably done their dash. Treat her to a wardrobe makeover by purchasing her a session with a personal stylist. Or, if you think shopping might be more stressful for her than enjoyable, simply pick out a few items that would look great on her yourself, to save her even having to leave the house!

4. A relaxing massage

It’s no surprise that becoming a mum can be stressful. Changing nappies, late night feeds and trying to become accustomed to life with a little one leaves a lot of mums feeling stressed and tense. A day of relaxation can be just what the doctor ordered. A Spa & Wellness gift card gives her the choice of 500+ relaxation and pampering experiences around the country, letting her worries melt away and leaving her feeling refreshed!

5. Offer a helping hand – and follow through!

With a newborn baby in the house, a friend popping by to help with the dishes, laundry, cooking and cleaning can offer a new mum some much needed assistance. Go one step further by creating practical, personalised gift coupons using some quality cardstock. Use your imagination – offer foot rubs, dog walking, or home cooked meals.

6. A beautiful framed family photo

Preserving moments from a little one’s first year in photographs is something all parents love doing. Go old school and have one of your favourites printed and framed. Alternatively, create a photo album and hand write captions for each photo, personalising the precious memories.

7. A scrapbook from baby’s first year

Starting a scrapbook of the first year is a great way to help Mums keep up with all of their baby’s important milestones. Gift them with scrapbook materials like stickers, stamps, decorative paper and patterned scissors to inspire them to keep working on it. Recording special memories like first words and first steps will be remembered even more fondly.

8. Copies of her favourite children’s books

There’s nothing more special than the ritual of reading bedtime stories. To make sure that the tradition carries on to the next generation in your family, a wonderful first Mother’s Day gift is a collection of the same books that the new mummy enjoyed in her own childhood. Many bookshops will sell customised sets with gorgeous covers – think Peter Rabbit, the Little Golden Books and Roald Dahl.

9. A short film of your family

What better way to record the incredible memories from your baby’s first year than on film? With smartphone technology, everyone has a high quality video camera. Put it to use for a few weeks and film Mum as she goes about day to day life. Include the laughs, tears and quiet moments from life with a new baby. You don’t need to be a professional to edit these clips together – use a free program like iMovie to edit together a mini documentary and screen it on Mother’s Day. One day when her baby is not so little, she will love looking back at this special time.

10. A manicure and pedicure with friends

New mums rarely have time for pampering. Buy the new mummy in your life a Spa and Wellness Gift Card – either digital or physical – and let her pick somewhere nearby that she can go for a manicure and pedicure. Get one for her best friend, a mother’s group friend, or her own mum too so she can go along with someone she loves. Don’t forget to help organise babysitting on the day that she goes to get pampered. A little me-time will be sure to put a spring in her step!

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Laurie Iacuone

Laurie Iacuone

As a busy mum of two and National Partners Manager of Spa & Wellness Gift Card, Laurie knows just how important it is to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle and find some “me time” amongst it all. Laurie lives by her daily pre-work ritual of visiting Kaya Health Club Prahran for a Pilates Reformer class, which ensures a great start to a productive day. Her other favourite ways to relax and test out some of our partners include massages, facials, pedicures, hot baths, reading a book in the sun, dining out and spending time with family.