Protecting your skin through the coldest months of the year is important in keeping that moisturised and youthful appearance. 

But as the cold sets in, so do our winter habits. We start to the turn the heat up in the house, take extra-long showers and let’s be honest, our food intake probably isn’t the healthiest.  

So let’s go through the top three things you can do this winter to protect your skin. 

1. Lower the heat. 

Resist the urge the pump up the heat in your home throughout the winter months. No, I’m not saying that freezing your backside off is a good move, just moderate the temperature.  

Excessive heat will results in a dehydrated body and as a result, dry and irritable skin. Not only will the more moderate temperature (21c-22c) help keep your skin in good condition, it will keep the power bills down, more money to spend on you. 

2. Limit your shower temperature and time. 

Just like the heat in your home, hot showers have a huge impact on the body.  

Try to avoid excessively hot showers and opt for a more moderate temperature. If the water is turning your skin red, it is way too hot, so just bring it back a touch. 

Also, try to keep the length of your showers down to around 5 mins, that way you keep some hydration in your skin.  

Once out of the shower, make sure you moisturise before getting dressed, this will prevent you from drying out. 

3. Wear comfortable, non-irritating clothing 

Venturing outside in winter requires careful consideration on what to wear.  

How cold is it? Will I be too warm? Maybe not warm enough? Is it windy? The list goes on and on. 

Regardless of what you end up layering with, try and keep wool or rough clothing from directly touching your skin. This will avoid getting dry and irritated skin. 

Try wearing some light layers made of smooth, or breathable materials, then the heavier fabrics over the top. 

If you are wearing woollen mitts, make sure you get some cotton or silk glove liners to avoid dried out hands. 

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