This summer break, organise a night in with your girlfriends! We’ve got you covered with these DIY pamper treatments which you can enjoy after a long week of work.

Before you have your friends over, keep a few things ready such as candles, space in the living room, music and towels. Since you’re treating the outside of your body, why not nourish your bodies with healthy bites and natural spring water? You can also make the theme ‘pyjamas’ and set the mood for the evening! Depending on the number of attendees, set up a range of stations which you can rotate through every 15 minutes.

A manicure and pedicure station can be set up with nail clippers, nail file, nail polish and cotton balls, polish remover, warm water in hand bowls, food soaks and lotion. Next, a massage station can be set up which simply requires massage oil or cream and you can take turns giving each other neck, shoulder and arm massages. Another station option can include facials which would require access to a bathroom sink, face wash, face towels, face masks and moisturiser. Other additional station options include aromatherapy, making DIY body butters, soaps and lip scrubs.

Keep your phone battery charged to take plenty of pictures for the memories!

Alternatively, you can opt for an ultimate experience and go your local day spas. Treat yourself and your friends to a day out of pampering and relaxation. Get your hands on a gift card and relax away!