As the school holidays are approaching, the fear of 
entertaining the children 24/7 can be exhausting. Two weeks can feel like two months sometimes. But we like to think, the school holidays are a great opportunity to take that time out for yourself. Whether it’s a weekend away or a half an hour – time away from the family will not only make you feel happy and keep you sane, but it is incredibly vital. You will come back to the family feeling more motivated, efficient and energetic. We have compiled our top three favourite things to do suitable for any type of busy Mum. 

15 minutes 

We know you keep putting it off getting your nails done keeps getting pushed down to the bottom of the list. But you will be amazed at how much a new colour and shine can uplift our spirits. Book ahead for an express mani, which is achievable in 15 minutes. We have plenty of salons on the SPA website, where many are located inside shopping centres. This means you can go grocery shopping and get a mani all within an hour! 

1 hour  

Have your children gone out for a playdate or a party? Take this opportunity to take time out for yourself, the errands can wait. Treat yourself to a relaxing facial. If you have been putting it off for weeks or months, now is your chance. Our skin consultants can assess your skin and recommended the latest tips and techniques. Beauticians can also personalise the treatment depending on your skin concerns and skin type. For once, let someone else take over and do the work for you. It is your time to sit back and relax. 


If you have no plans for the school holidays, why not make a weekend out of a day spa? Call your friend or your partner, book a hotel and indulge in the ultimate pampering treatment. This is a great way to change up the day-to-day routine and come back to the new school term feeling fresh and rejuvenated. A lot of day spas provide accommodation and include great facilities. If you really need to take the kids, you can choose one which has children’s activity areas, which means you don’t need to worry about the kids while you unwind and relax. Browse some of our favourite day spas here.  

Its time you take some time for yourself these school holidays. For more relaxing experience browse through our day spas, massage clinics and beauty salons here