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Beauty Salon

Introducing… INGLOT

Want to know a little more about our newest premium beauty partner? We chatted with Brianna from team INGLOT to find out a bit more about the history of the brand, and what makes it so great! INGLOT Cosmetics is a Polish brand which was founded in 1983. Today INGLOT is constantly evolving with continuous …

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Beauty Salon

Top Ways to Relax this Post-Christmas Period

The holiday season can be busy and fun, catching up with family and friends but it is also a good opportunity to take some time out and relax.  Once the official holiday days have passed, make sure you allocate some dedicated “me” time.  Here are some tips to help you out.   Take things easy  Spend the days between Christmas and New …

Day Spa Skincare

Escape the Winter Cold With These Spas

Winter, let’s walk through it. Cold, wet, windy, dry skin, frizzy hair, it can be a nightmare for personal care.  So, instead of locking ourselves away for three months of year, we want you to wear winter like a badge by visiting these locations to escape the cold and revitalise your winter skin.  (more…)