Christmas is a time when love and joy are in the air. You can’t help but feel it, regardless of how grumpy you are. Just look at the Grinch; he hated Christmas, and he eventually felt the holiday cheer.

Still, you must love yourself before you start loving others. Now that it’s Christmas, it’s time to pamper and take care of yourself. Once you get this right, it will give you the energy to take care of others.

Love Your Body

If your skin glows, you glow too. Start by getting enough sleep. Luckily for you, Christmas has a few public holidays – so use that opportunity to sleep in. If you get enough sleep, your skin will look well-rested and you will be looking (and feeling) your best.

Top the day by going to a Spa and Wellness Centre. Get a few facials, a massage, a manicure – anything to pamper yourself.

If you don’t have the time to hit a Spa and Wellness Centre, try doing it at home. There are plenty of facial treatments you can try, most taking only around 30 minutes of your time.

Love Your Senses

If you rarely eat out, take this opportunity to dine out. Find a nice restaurant and go there with your friends or your partner. There’s no better way to show some love for yourself than by treating your stomach. Top it all with a nice glass of wine, and your evening will be perfect.

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