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6 Relaxation Playlists on Spotify

Nothing beats a good Spotify playlist. Finding it hard to pick one for your mood? We’ve got the best of Spotify’s relaxation playlists covered here. For rainy days when you feel like curling up on the couch with a hot chocolate, to warm days on the beach where you want to feel so relaxed you …

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What to Buy a Mum for Her First Mother’s Day

A mum’s first Mother’s Day is one that she will never forget. After a year with a newborn, and learning how to handle all things sleeping, teething and feeding, make sure that the mum in your life has a special day that celebrates the amazing mum she is. When planning gifts it can be hard …

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10 Ways that Meditation Will Change Your Life

The ancient practice of meditation can have a profound impact on an individual’s sense of peace, joy and mindfulness. The discovery of one’s ability to truly relax, empty their mind and exist solely in the moment has a host of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual benefits. There are a number of different types of meditative …

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13 Ways to Prioritise ‘You Time’

Being driven to get things done is great. But if you’re one of those people who continually tells yourself there are only 24 hours in a day and that you must fill each and every one of them with something productive, there will come a point in time when burnout sets in. (more…)


6 Reasons the Man in Your Life Will Love a Pampering Gift

Looking for the perfect pampering gift? Your man can use a Spa & Wellness Gift Card at participating outlets across Australia. Buy yours here. Purchasing a gift for a male friend or loved one in your life can be a tricky business. What do you buy for the man that has it all, or the …


What Mums Really Want for Christmas

Christmas time for most means holidays, quality time spent with friends and family, summer and relaxation. However there is one member of the family for which Christmas time can be a little stressful – and that is our mums. Mums are known for multitasking; juggling family members, activities and their jobs all at the same …

Day Spa

Top Day Spas for Your Australian Relaxation Bucket List

Everyone seems to have a bucket list these days, and more often than not, these lists are filled with wild, outrageous activities you only get to do once. A travel bucket list might include Machu Picchu, an African safari or an epic shopping trip in Paris. For the really adventurous, this list might also include …

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Why Meditation is a Powerful Stress Relief Technique

Meditation is a fast and simple way to reduce – and effectively, combat – stress. When you meditate and practice relaxation techniques, you activate your body’s natural relaxation response. Deep breathing, rhythmic exercise, meditation, and yoga are just some of the activities that you should try to include in your everyday life to recharge your …