The races are getting closer and closer which is why people are starting to get into the Cup Day mode. It’s an occasion to shop, eat amazing food, and of course, look your best.

So, how do you get your look up to Cup standard? Well, here are some tips to get you where you need to be.

  • Start Early: Just like Rome was not built in just a day, you can’t expect to have glowing skin overnight. Start by applying a face mask once or twice a week – and drink lots of water. This will balance the oil levels in your skin and keep you hydrated.
  • DIY: Don’t have the time to book a facial? Multitask and make your own. There are plenty of tips on the net that you can tweak for your own benefit. Don’t forget to get creative.
  • Focus on the Eyes: Your face may look perfect, but if your eyes look tired and puffy, it will ruin your entire look. Beauty products taken out of the refrigerator have a maximised effect for tired, so use this trick every time you have the chance.
  • Have an Emergency Kit: No matter how careful you are, a blemish may appear when you least expect it – which is why you need to have an emergency kit with you, just in case is better than… bugger.

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