Nothing beats a spa experience, especially when you want to relax and unwind from your daily responsibilities.  

So, if you truly want to escape the school holidays, then has everything you need and more 

Here are a few of our locations to help you through the school holiday break! 

1. Venustus Spa 

In spite of its small size, this spa and skin clinic based in Paddington Sydney is internationally recognised. The highlight is, without a doubt, the six-hand massage, which entails three masseuses working on your skin at the same time, yes that’s right, six! For the ultimate get-away during the holiday period, Venustus Spa is top of the list! 

2. Fleurs de Lys Medi Spa 

This is another highly acclaimed spa that offers the ultimate when it comes to pampering. Located Woollahra, Sydney, Fleurs de Lys Medi Spa is wonderfully decorated with elements that make channel Marrakech. As the air flows across wonderfully scented rare oils and candles, it’s easy to find yourself lost in the charm and comfort of this wonderfully appointed day SPA. 

3. The Darling Spa 

The Darling Spa, situated on the 2nd level of the Star Hotel, is one of the best massage spas in Sydney. There are numerous treatments from for you to choose, which means that you’ll most likely find something to suit your tastes. The perfect destination for a day spa or the prelude to a wonderful night out on the city, the Darling Spa is a must visit. 

For more information on where to get your holiday relaxation escape, visit Don’t forget to grab your SPA gift card which can be used at any of their location across Australia.